Business Applications

We develop Windows, Web and mobile applications for your business. Your business comes first, but we also do not forget about training your employees and about the usability of the software. We analyze your existing business processes and look for solutions on how to improve them. We integrate disjointed data sources and provide reporting necessary for operational and strategic planning. We extend your existing software capabilities. We specialize in open-source and Microsoft technologies and utilize them in our solutions.


Industrial Applications

We develop industrial and scientific software for manufacturing, auxiliary manufacturing processes and communication with standard and proprietary hardware. The developed applications and protocols are used in automotive, scientific research and asset life cycle management. On demand our solutions may include such elements as support of mobile devices as well as support of industrial cameras, touch screens, barcode scanners and other input and output devices.


Business Intelligence

We, at Bober Beratung GmbH, can assist you in designing and implementing ETL, ELT and data migration processes as well as in building advanced data structures like data warehouses DWHs and data-cubes. We will be also happy to support you in the data migration and cleansing processes, to provide you with a reporting solution, which meets your needs, and to perform explorative data analysis, which if required, can include data mining elements.


Usability UX/UI

We believe that it makes a great difference if an employee or user finds the UI appealing or not. Even, if he or she understands the duty to work diligently with the provided software, but does not understand or does not like subconsciously the GUI provided, the work productivity drops significantly. Additionally understandable and easy-operable HMI greatly promotes online sales and increases company likability. The uniqueness of the GUI allows the company also to stand out of the crowd of competitors and facilitates establishing of the particular product on the market.


SharePoint Applications

Power of enterprise solutions combined with flexibility of modern Web-applications.

SharePoint is a powerful Microsoft product. With developed on demand applications we unleash its power to the fullest extent possible to meet your goals. We make SharePoint both useful and user-friendly. We make it not just being installed but make it really work for you in your company, in your department and at your workplace.


Quality Assurance

The quality of delivered software projects is essential to us. We introduce elements of quality assurance at all stages of software development. Yes, we elaborate, clarify, maintain and document software requirements. Yes, we write unit tests and perform code reviews. We also test the developed solution and create required environment or environments to perform such testing. We like continuous integration, good code and test coverage metrics as well as application of good design and development principles.


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