Industrial applications stand out from the other software solutions because of the following distinct features they possess:

  • closeness to hardware and embedded software;
  • intensive usage, often 24/7, with a requirement for high availability and reliability;
  • malfunctioning and software bugs can often lead to enormous losses due to spoilage manufacturing and interruptions in the manufacturing processes;
  • communication with hardware and embedded software almost always assumes the use of standard industrial protocols and adherence to established standards.

We develop industrial and scientific software for manufacturing, auxiliary manufacturing processes and communication with standard and proprietary hardware. The developed applications and protocols are used in automotive, scientific research and asset life cycle management. Our on-demand solutions may include such elements as supporting mobile and handheld devices as well as industrial cameras, touch screens, barcode scanners and other input and output devices.

Keywords: Microsoft, .NET, C#, CAN, C, C++, PROFINET, industrial, manufacturing, production, Kanban, HMI, drivers, barcode scanner, touch screen.