Power of enterprise solutions combined with flexibility of modern Web-applications

SharePoint is a powerful Microsoft product. With developed on demand applications we unleash its power to the fullest extent possible to meet your goals. We make SharePoint both useful and user-friendly. We make it not just being installed but make it really work for you in your company, in your department and at your workplace.
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Customization of SharePoint as enabling required functionality to complete a required business task

With SharePoint Online you can provide a secure corporate solution available 24/7 to your employees and customer around the world, wherever they are. In turn it decreases the costs of your business processes, makes them more understandable, transparent and easy to manage.
The tailored for your needs SharePoint-hosted applications simplify execution of your business processes and allow completion of your tasks quicker and with less effort. Additionally, if you have an Office 365 subscription, then automation of various typical business activities can be implemented in your enterprise or in the unit entrusted to you even with more flexibility and ease.

We integrate the developed applications into the existing corporate software landscape

We develop highly modular solutions. So the interexchange with other applications can be developed on demand or extended later, if such necessity emerges. Similarly a modular application can be also extended if new requirements, for example, for reporting or data interoperability become known.
All your data is securely stored in the SharePoint and its databases. The hosted application receives access only to the selected and dedicated for it information.
Your SharePoint Environment
Data Lists
Security Groups
Other Data
SharePoint-hosted App
Can be uninstalled or improved without loss of any your data.

Our applications can help decision makers to arrive at the right decision faster

On demand we perform data analysis and design standard and custom reports, scorecards and dashboards. To assist quick arrival at decision our application can exploit the functionality of SharePoint Business Intelligence (BI) Center.

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