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A Cloud Solution for Service Centres

TP-Link is a manufacturer and a distributor of telecommunication equipment. The company required to establish a network of service centers in Ukraine. Their goals included: Resolving service issues with end-customers. Typical [...]

An OLAP Project

The help desk and supporting applications requested detailed technical information on Citrix connections for over 4000 users. This information was initially logged into a nosql redis cache solution and now should [...]

Asset Management Project

A logistic and transportation company requested a SharePoint-hosted application to create an asset management application needed to control the onboarding process for the new employees. The workplace had to be prepared [...]

Language School Student’s Cabinet

A language school in a large metropolitan city met a challenge connected with its expansion and the growing demand of their students for flexibility in their studies. Some students wanted to [...]

Mobile Apps for Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty is essential for many shops, services and food services enterprises. It is supported not only through the quality of a service or a product, but also through the introduction [...]

Data Migration and ETL Processes Design

Final state exams at universities often include testing a student in multiple disciplines. For preparing such exams, many professors and their assistants collect and validate questions and answers. Additionally, an exam [...]

Package Tracking and Reporting

Every country of the European Union has its own particularities about how a postal package is tracked while passing various check points. In the case of international shipment, the tracking data [...]

Fleet Planning and Management

Patients with limited mobility who are treated predominantly at home need regular trips to hospitals and other medical institutions. The call-centre of the medical insurance, which provides such services, requires a fair [...]

Software for controlling an implanted device

Often after a surgery has been successfully performed, the implanted device still requires additional adjustments. It is strongly advisable not to initiate another surgery because of minor adjustments to the implant, but [...]

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