All our life experiences, from very first childhood memories to the recent events, represent information recorded through our senses. All our thoughtful considerations and ideas as well as feelings and emotions can be seen as recorded information. And indeed it is information sent via billions neurons in our brain that defines our perception of every aspect of our life.

Professional GUI is a Blend of Art, Science and Design Principles

We develop state-of-the art graphical interfaces for you, which indeed create different user experience (UX). We believe that it the information, namely its amount, structure, type and form that defines the human-machine- interaction.
A professional graphical user interfaces is a piece of art, but there is also the science behind it. One has to consider the structure of information to be processed, the goals to be achieved, as well as the target user audience. We do not add control elements to a GUI just because they look nice, we want also to clarify to the user the information being processed and simplify his or her work.

Interplay of Accessibility and Usability

We do not afraid to experiment, but we also stick to the good-design- principles. We respect and apply proved principles of material and fluent design.
We develop our GUIs responsive. If you need your application support touch-screens and gestures we implement such functionality to you. If you need support of smartphones, various hand-held devices and screens with non-standard resolution we can help you.
A GUI assumes interaction and feedback. It also meansintuitively understandable information exchange between the user and software. We develop our GUIs interactively and we can justify our design either theoretically through good design principles or practically through A-B tests.

GUI as a Guide to the Task Completion

We believe that а professionally developed user interface not only facilitates completion of the required task but also increases user's engagement with the business process. Clear and understandable UX helps users to maintain clear thinking and not only allows them to concentrate on the essential tasks but also to structure information around themselves.
We think that software should help and save your time, and it is definitely possible with professionally developed appealing user interfaces.

GUI Design Samples

We know how to create a new GUI, but we also know how to refurbish and improve an old one. We kindly ask you to take a look at some sample screenshots of our applications. These samples represent structured data with complex filtering and information groupings, flexible navigation trees and menus including custom advanced controls. Nevertheless our users found theses GUIs easily to operate and liked working with our applications. They liked how the information is structured. They enjoyed their UX.

Technologies which we use

We working with modern technologies and we believe that technology closely connected with user experience. We develop Windows and Web-based GUI with Bootstrap, vuj, Angular and React.
We thoroughly investigate and evaluate new UX technologies appearing on the market and apply best of them. We believe in long-live learning and we understand that it is critically important to be able to grasp, comprehend and practically utilize new technologies if there is a market demand for them or if they provide a breakthrough advantage to our clients.

Softwareentwicklung nach Maß

Wir entwickeln Software für Sie professionell, zeit- und kosteneffizient