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Data as a Prerequisite for Decision-Making

We, as humans, make our decisions and act based upon information. But when we say ‘information’, we mean data. Both humans and IT-systems need correct data for reliable functioning and actions.
Data can have different forms. Data can be redundant and missing. Data can be qualitative and quantitative or presented graphically. Data can be flat and hierarchical. Data can be used as input for a complex process. Data can be also produced by a software system or a process as an output.

Information volumes growth

The amount of data is constantly increasing. It is believed that nowadays the annual data creation has already hit the mark of 16.3 ZB, while a zettabyte (ZB) is one trillion gigabytes. And this number will increase over the years. The necessity of systematic data analysis as well as exponentially increasing over the time amount of collected data, lead to the creation of business intelligence and data science as separate branches of data analysis.

Preparing and Consolidating Data

One of the Business Intelligence tasks consist in finding and preparing of relevant data coming from different sources and in different forms. Usually such data have to be validated, cleansed and transformed before they can be used by the software system. Such approaches are called either Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) or Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) processes depending on their design.
We architect and develop both ETL and ELT processes, according to the client’s needs, while applying such tools and technologies as Pentaho Data Integration, various Talend open-source and commercial products as well as Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

Relational and non-relational data sources

We professionally analyse data flows, develop new and optimize existing data structures. We appreciate the importance of the form data is stored and the way the data are being saved and retrieved.
We architect, design, implement and optimize databases and data warehouses (DWH) using modern relational database technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, postgreSQL, and Microsoft Access.
System requirements can also require the usage of not only relational databases and DWHs, but also implementing noSql data sources. We often consider applying such NoSql database technologies as MongoDB, redis or CouchDB as beneficial for modern distributed architectures.
Additionally we also provide our clients with cloud solutions and bring the data storages to the cloud and ensure their secure and optimal functioning.

Data Presentation matters

The output information can be presented in many forms. To display it, we use different presentation techniques and various custom controls. If output data are better to see as a table, we will use a table for their presentation. But if one needs a graph, a diagram, a scatter plot or a barcode, so will it be and we implement it.
A new design approach to present complex data is called infographics. It is usually created by a human designer. But can a software system provide information in the infographics style? Yes, we can do it! Even complex output information can be presented in a clear and understandable way. It is especially essential if output information is presented on a mobile device that usually assumes smaller screen and different navigations techniques.

Reports for decision-makers

Even in our paperless time reports are still needed. A report is still an artifact which can be discussed with peers, referred to or provided as proof.
For our customers we develop standard and customizable reports as well as provide technical means to do ad-hoc reporting. Yes, we can also develop a custom reporting tools, so that the users can develop their own reports and modify them.
Over the years we have collected vast experience employing various reporting technologies and tools such as Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), List & Label, Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports, JasperReport , D3.js and others.

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