We separate User Interface as a stand-alone specialization and emphasize the importance of User eXperience, because of their strong impact on the success of various projects. In general, Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI) assumes the interaction of human with a machine in a wide sense. However, nowadays user communication with a computer takes place on wide number of desktop and mobile devices. The correct application of HMI principles expects development of responsive web-interfaces and mobile applications, support of most popular mobile operating systems and browsers, support of gestures and voice commands, integration of video cameras, barcode readers, touch screens and other input and output devices.

We believe that it makes a great difference if an employee or user finds the UI appealing or not. Even, if he or she understands the duty to work diligently with the provided software, but does not understand or does not like subconsciously the GUI provided, the work productivity drops significantly. Additionally understandable and easy-operable HMI greatly promotes online sales and increases company likability. The uniqueness of the GUI allows the company also to stand out of the crowd of competitors and facilitates establishing of the particular product on the market. We do more than an ordinary design agency does: we develop new and adjust existing user controls; we provide support to mobile devices and select the best layout for a commerce web site, which assures the highest turnover.

Keywords: UI, GUI, UX, responsive, mobile devices, gestures, touch screens, mock-ups, wireframes, design, responsiveness, layout.