Project Description

Often after a surgery has been successfully performed, the implanted device still requires additional adjustments. It is strongly advisable not to initiate another surgery because of minor adjustments to the implant, but perform those non-operatively. Additionally, the patient’s lifestyle, medical condition or special circumstances such as frequent coughing or the desire to participate in power lifting or other physical training or sports may require the adjustments to the implant.

We have participated in development of an information system for the tracking, controlling and adjustment of an implant in the human body . The implanted device collects information on critical conditions over a period of several weeks and the gathered information is read in the doctor’s office by means of the developed software.

The communication between the implant and the software was conducted via a specially developed protocol. The collected information was evaluated by the system and if the implanted device needed adjustments, it was reconfigured immediately. That in turn excluded the need for subsequent surgeries and increased the patient’s quality of life. The proposed solution has been prepared and is ready for animal trials.