The exponentially increasing volumes of the collected data and the necessity of their analysis lead to the creation of Business Intelligence as a separate specialization. So, the initial needs included representation of data in a required form (standard reporting), answer to the predefined set of questions and data integration (including ETL processes and partially Enterprise Application Integration). As the amount of data grew, the further requests of industrial and scientific institutions were extended to data interpretation, data mining and answering ad-hoc questions. Whereas initially data science was considered as a synonym for statistics and statistical applications, in the beginning of 21st-century data science becomes an independent disciple, which incorporates computerized data processing and machine learning.

We, at Bober Beratung GmbH, can assist you in designing and implementing ETL, ELT, and data migration processes as well as in building advanced data structures such as data warehouses DWHs and data cubes. We will be also happy to support you in the data migration and cleansing processes, to provide you with a reporting solution, which meets your needs, and to perform explorative data analysis, which if required, can include data mining elements.

We employ commercial software (Microsoft SSAS, SSIS, SSRS; Microsoft Power BI, Combit List & Label) as well as open-source software (Pentaho Data-Integration, Talend Open Studio, D3.js) and can develop a scalable business-intelligence solution, which meets needs of your company.

Keywords: Business Intelligence, Data Science, Statistics, Microsoft SSAS, SSIS, SSRS; Microsoft Power BI, Combit List & Label, Pentaho Data-Integration, Talend Open Studio, R, data cleansing, ETL, extract-transform-load, extract-load-transform, data mining, EAI, data migration.