Application of a product assortment management system for the organization of dropship sales on eBay and other online-marketplaces.

In one of our projects, we developed a software solution to sale a large number of articles (about 10,000 names) of third-party vendors on eBay. Therefore, we have developed the product assortment management software.

This solution allows the seller to create, edit and manage a huge number of article entries.

To work with large and dissimilar catalogues we have developed a special module: the Smart Selection. The Smart Selection allows user to group and filter the article catalogue on various parameters such as producer, product class, family, visibility, degree of fullness, etc. and select only those records that match the selected criteria. The user can also introduce his own custom criteria to filter on those.

To successfully compete with other sellers and attract the buyers’ attention, the article presentation should be informative and bright to the maximum. So we provided the user with the article editor functionality that allows the user to enter and modify the following information:

  • General product data: name, brand, various prouct codes and identificator,
  • Specfic & technical product data: templated set of formal typed properties, e.g. color, material, working frequency, ports, etc.
  • Logistic product properties: packing size, weight, condition, other.
  • Large number of product images, which demonstrate such important product details as internal structure, material, principle of operation, etc.

Also, user can add a lot of beautiful and colorful slides, which demonstrate important to the consumer properties of the product.

After providing product information it is possible to create listings for all trading platforms, including eBay, where the seller can publish his/her sales offers. These listings contain information about payment, delivery and return policies.

The listings can be started, paused and stopped. The started listings perform ‘Revise’ or ‘Relist’ operations automatically, if the product information, product stock or price has been changed.

Through the usage of eBay Trading API and the interfaces of other platforms it is possible to transfer the sales information regularly into a corporate ERP system.

The developed solution made it possible for the client to greatly expand his sales structure by placing during only first 3 months more than 20,000 listings on eBay.

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