Project Description

All medical instruments in a hospital have to be tracked and their exact location, i.e. the warehouse, a particular sterile sieve, a sterilization station etc. has to be identified. If a medical instrument such as a pair of pincers or scissors is missing from the concrete sieve set, the personnel have to be informed and a substitution article has to be proposed.  Broken medical instruments also have to be identified and efficiently sent to be repaired, replaced or ordered from the supplier. In order to track articles, a unique 3D-code or a barcode has been applied to medical instruments and then scanned with a specialized video camera or a barcode reader as the article moves from one location in a hospital to another.

We participated in the development of an asset lifecycle management system for a Swiss medical instrument production company and contributed to the elaboration of the solution architecture and the data model as well as various support SQL scripts. We have also identified, documented and discussed the requirements with the client.

We developed the following modules:

  • integration of Cognex and Brunner video cameras as well as barcode readers into the .Net solution
  • advanced logging and tracing functionality
  • instrument repair module
  • custom query designer module
  • custom report designer module

Keywords: asset management, life cycle management, workflow, .NET, DevExpress, WebServices, SQL Server, WPF, XAML, C#, architecture, XPO