The quality of the software projects we deliver is essential to us. We introduce elements of quality assurance at all stages of software development. Yes, we elaborate, clarify, maintain and document software requirements. Yes, we write unit tests and perform code reviews. We also test the developed solution and create the required environment or environments to perform such testing. We like continuous integration, good code, and test coverage metrics as well as the application of good design and development principles.

We perform, on request, quality assurance and, if needed, penetration testing of software products or packages developed by other companies. We can perform both manual and automatic testing. We enjoy using Selenium and Atlassian products, but we can apply almost any tool you wish. Of course, we provide the required documentation that includes test plans, test cases, and test protocols. We love working with software requirements, but if they are missing, we are ready to conduct explorative testing as well.

Keywords: Quality Assurance, QA, unit tests, code coverage, penetration testing, software requirements, explorative testing, Selenium, test plan, test case, continuos integration, forward integration, validation and verfication