Project Description

Patients with limited mobility who are treated predominantly at home need regular trips to hospitals and other medical institutions. The call-centre of the medical insurance, which provides such services, requires a fair and clear procedure on how to allocate a taxi or a rental car service for such patients taking into consideration the location of the patient, his or her destination and the availability of services  in the vicinity.

We have developed and rolled out a corporate web application for managing taxis and rental cars for the largest German medical insurance company, AOK.  The web application allowed for efficient and fair vehicle allocation to perform routine transportation of patients between their homes, hospitals, doctors’ practices and rehabilitation institutions.

The data previously collected manually over several years in the form of worksheets was carefully processed, validated and loaded into a new relational database by means of a custom ETL processes. The system has been tested and prepared for rollout. Knowledge transfer and support for the client’s software engineers have been provided.