Data Migration and ETL Processes Design

//Data Migration and ETL Processes Design
Data Migration and ETL Processes Design 2018-08-07T13:57:29+00:00

Project Description

Final state exams at universities often include testing a student in multiple disciplines. For preparing such exams, many professors and their assistants collect and validate questions and answers. Additionally, an exam should be balanced and valid so that the exam paper reliably assesses a student’s knowledge.

For conducting electronic state exams in medical and veterinary universities, a new web application was developed. Our task was in the migration of the existing examination questions and answers from the old system so that no textual or graphical information collected over the years was lost. Migration scripts as well as pentaho ETL Processes for the data migration were developed and validated. The existing data were cleaned, validated and transferred to the new data store.

Project Details

Skills Needed: