We believe that a business should start not from a website, but from an idea, represented by a valid profitable and tested business process. In other words, if you want to sell pizza, you have to know how to make dough, where to buy high quality ingredients and of course, how to bake pizza. In our opinion, it is wrong to make a website for a pizzeria first and then learn how to make pizza. Your business comes first.  It is no problem for us to create a website so that your customers can configure and personalize cars before buying them. But again, first you have to produce cars.

We see our function in providing IT support for your business. But please do not consider supportive as unimportant and secondary. Your business goes first, but we help to facilitate it, improve it, provide you with data for your decisions and connect different stages of the business chain. We live in a changing world that assumes that former stable business processes can also change. With our software development and software solutions we support your business while it goes through changes and continues to mature.

We develop Windows, web and mobile applications for your business. Your business goes first, but we also do not forget about your employees and about the usability of the software. We analyze the existing business processes in your company and look for a solution on how to improve them; we integrated disjointed data sources and provide the reporting necessary for operational and strategic planning. We extend existing solutions in your company and develop new ones for you. Our solutions are based on open-source and Microsoft technologies.

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